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Whether you're a new or experienced user of Retirety, you might have questions on how to use the service, security, and what Total Wellness means for you.

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What is Total Wellness?

Total Wellness takes a comprehensive approach to solving your challenges across your finances, health, and real-life needs. If you only focus on a single dimension of your overall wellness, such as finances, you won’t achieve a secure and happy future.

For example, your health has a direct impact on your finances and your happiness can be affected by your health.

How does Retirety help me?

Retirety helps you achieve total wellness across your financial, health, and real-life needs.

The service creates a comprehensive and personalized plan that guides and nudges you at key points along your journey. Your plan adapts and changes as your needs change, helping you know when to take actions that positively affects your life.

How do I register as a new user?

You can register at your company specific URL. Please see your HR communication or email us here.

How should I use Retirety?

We believe that slow-and-steady wins the race and planning your future is a long-game. Every week you will have ONLY ONE task to complete on your personalized plan. The task will only take 3-5 minutes and will help you with a financial, health and real-life challenge.

After completing the task, your plan will be updated to reflect your new circumstances. For example, if you update your 401(k) contribution, you’ll see your financial outlook change. The following week a new task will be available and we will inform you via email when it is ready.

What devices does Retirety work on?

Retirety works on a large range of devices. You can access Retirety either through your desktop browser (Chrome or Edge recommended) or your mobile web browser.

Is my information shared with my company?

We never share your information directly with your employer. It is none of their business, so your information stays with you and you alone.

How do you protect my data?

Your privacy and security is a top priority.

All of your data is encrypted with a high-level encryption (256-AES) both in transit and at rest. All systems are locked down with the highest level of security and network protections.

If you have any questions please contact us here.

What is the Everboxx?

The Everboxx helps you know, store, and share all the important documents you need for both yourself and your loved ones.

Is the Everboxx secure?

All of your documents and information stored in the Everboxx are encrypted and firewall protected, so no one but you has access (or the person you shared access with).

How can I share and remove access to the Everboxx?

In the Everboxx click the “Share with important people” in the upper right corner to share or remove access to your Everboxx.

What if I leave my company? Can I still access Retirety and my data?

You can still keep using Retirety with all your data intact if you leave your company. You will need to pay a low yearly fee to continue access.

Are there conflicts of interest?

We pride ourselves that our only interest is in helping you navigate your challenges. We have no financial incentive from any benefit or 3rd party presented in Retirety.

Where is Retirety based?

Retirety is based in midtown NYC.

Does Retirety manage my money or give investment advice?

Retirety does not manage your money or give investment advice. Retirety is meant to be illustrative only. We recommend consulting with a financial advisor before taking any financial action.

What if I have more questions on how to use the service?

Please contact us here.

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