Helping Employees.
Improving Business.
Creating A Future.

Why do we ignore important issues, like financial, health, or real life problems? Because it is a burden, confusing, and overwhelming. Yet, psychologists have proved that a PLAN makes tackling big challenges easier and approachable.

We believe that a good plan can guide everyone to a better future, and employees have not been given the help they need by the companies they work for.

And when an employee's wellness suffers, the business suffers as well.

We are on a mission to change that and not only make employees' lives better, but also improve the business they support.

We have many advantages

Retirety, started and located in midtown NYC, is a vibrant and fun place to work and build.

In NYC, but helping everywhere

Be a part of the conversation

A client driven product that everyone on the team makes happen.

Solve real-world problems

We are working to make lives better and more fulfilling.

Continuous learning

We want you to grow your knowledge, skill, and as a person.

It's his fault...

We gotta blame someone when things don't go as planned.

Geoffrey Bourne

Founder & CEO

Geoff loves awesome consumer products having been the VP of TD Ameritrade’s IRA, founding Citi’s Private Bank Mobile, VP of Digital at Starwood, and CTO of Ladders.

Our office in a nutshell

Here are some pictures from our office. We love it and it is fully equipped with everything you need to get the job done.

Want to work with us?

Want to be a part of the Retirety team and help people with their future? Let us know and we'll talk.